Ripple Case Ruling Might Prove to Be Crypto's Biggest Week, John Deaton Says

CryptoLaw founder and XRP holder lawyer Robert Deaton expects the Ripple-SEC lawsuit to be resolved quickly and promptly.

Deaton expressed his excitement about the US $30, 000 rise in Bitcoin and the upcoming promotion in etherland Shanghai, although he firmly believes that "Judge Torres's great and wonderful ruling in the Ripple case is likely to prove the most important week to date."

BTC10, the largest digital currency by market capitalization, broke the $30, 000 mark for the first time in months on Tuesday, as investor sentiment rose.

On April 12, the eagerly awaited ethernet square Shanghai update, also known as Shapera hard fork, will allow users to browse pile ETH. This update is called the continued good news of Tai Tai Fong.

After the end of March, Deaton mentioned the potential opportunities for Ripple litigation, saying hopefully that it could be done within the next hour, or that it would still take 30 to 60 days.

According to him, in previous cases, Judge Torres made a summary verdict within months of the ruling by Durbert / authoritative experts. Deaton cited an example, in a previous case, Judge Torres issued a summary ruling 60 days after Dobbert made a confirmation.

In the Ripple case, Judge Torres delivered the decision in the Dumbert case on March 6th. The 60 gods from that day will be May 6. Mr. Deaton said it would be surprised, but not surprised, if the ruling was made later than May 6.

Jeremy Hogan said the waves would win, but there was a problem.

Jeremy Hogan, a lawyer at Hogan and Hogan, felt that if the ruling judge (or her law court clerk) mastered the password technology, Ripple would be sued by SEC.

On the other hand, if the judge does not know what "data encryption" is, the case may be sued, which is just a "line in the gravel".

In his view, data encryption is decentralized because no one has an "Internet", so it makes sense for some people to choose XRP as a project investment without signing a contract with everyone.

Hogan added that getting Ripple testing on the premise of Howey profiling was a huge setback for SEC, but not a stabbing knife. The XRP enthusiast said: "the Howey test is not out of date, it just needs to be updated."

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