Ethereum (ETH) Shanghai Might Have Little Effect on Price: Glassnode

  • ETH Shanghai: ETH may sell 170000 units; is this a lot?
  • It's less risky for retail gamblers.

Warnings about ETH's elimination of the harmful factors of harsh words may be relatively overrated. Chain franchise information shows that net selling is likely to only lead to flat price adjustments.

ETH Shanghai: ETH may sell 170000 units; is this a lot?

The excellent estimate of the post-sale of shares in Shanghai suggests that 170000 euros ($323 million) could be released in the market. According to the analysis of Glassnode On-Chain enterprises, this kind of liquidity injection is unlikely to cause significant price adjustment.

In a recent statement,Simulation of sellers in Shanghai: research on EthernetAuthoritative Glassnode experts try to scientifically study a variety of depositors' motivations and economic metal catalysts, which lock up ETH in the equity certificate (POS) agreement.

In a detailed study, researchers simulated the individual behaviour of large and medium-sized savers, verifiers, one-person savers, senior savers who introduced liquidity in 2020, and many other ETH investors.

As a result, there are three situations. The most bearish situation, the main sell-off in ETH, is related to the increasing liquidity of 1.54 million ETH ($2.93 billion). Moreover, it is highly unlikely: the 170000 ETH estimate looks more plausible because of complex economic development estimates.

Therefore, the password world does not solve the excessive dynamic negativity of ETH price in the short term.

It's less risky for retail gamblers.

Under this assumption, the best scenario could cause prices to fall by 8 per cent at worst. In order to give environmental information, FTX came to Ether (ETH) for more than 35% of the price.

As mentioned above, the etheric Shanghai upgrade program will be running in a few hours. This is also the most important upgrade of Etherum in confirming the relationship of interest.

While many people worry about possible sales, top investment analysts note that the ability to co-ordinate ETH bets is undoubtedly a strong de-risk for small and medium-sized potential investors.

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