Elon Musk's Tweet Grabs XRP Community's Attention, Here's What He Tweeted

  • Guess what Elon Musk means today.
  • Musk changed the Twitter logo to Dogecoin.

Elon Musk, the strange Internet tycoon, billionaire and Twitter boss, puzzled his fans and gave her "energy feed for thinking". Just then, the popular XRP promoter @ MackAttackXRP seized the opportunity to bring XRP to Elon Musk's attention.

Guess what Elon Musk means today.

This time, Musk's tweet has only one letter X. Many of its fans immediately jokingly responded with some letters in the English alphabet to understand the meaning of the tweet or to post sarcastic responses. Some even asked if it was the name of Baby Musk. His youngest son, and Canadian singer Grimes, was born in 2020. His name is X AE A-XII AME X, commonly known as X AE A Mel X. The girl Musk and Grimes were born in 2022 was named Y.

But @ MackAttackXRP, a dynamic pseudonym member of the XRP army, shared a photo with the XRP cryptocurrency logo, hoping that Musk might really mean XRP.

However, Musk has confirmed several times that he is only loyal to the emoji cryptocurrency Dogecoin, which he thinks is people's loan currency and is more suitable for payment than BTC.

But in addition to Doge, Musk also owns BTC and ETH. Musk has never tweeted about XRP, nor has he presented his views on such cryptocurrencies in a variety of ways. But he often mentions puppies on Twitter. For the last time, on Monday this week, Musk replied to a tweet from a crippled Twitter employee with whom he had a public quarrel on Twitter in March.

Musk changed the Twitter logo to Dogecoin.

Last week, the password community and Twitter community were surprised to see that the iconic blue bird on Twitter had disappeared, followed by a picture of the Akita in the dog sign.

The price of cryptocurrency with larger emojis soared by more than 33%. Using this, many larger puppy holders gradually sell their emoji coins, determining the benefits of physical and mental health. According to @ lookonchain, which tracks "Smart Money" wallets, such wallets can be bought quickly and then sold at a huge profit, with the five largest Doge detailed addresses containing two selling 1.1 billion Doge and 300 million Doge for about $130 million.

The tracker wondered if the wallet had some connection with Elon Musk.

But last week, the dark blue bird logo reappeared on Twitter, and the pictures of the dog were gone. This also reduced the emoji by about 7% in a bright red candle. At the time of writing, the Mim cryptocurrency traded at $0.0847 on the Binance exchange.

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