Cardano (ADA) Might Get New AI Focus, Cardano Founder Drops Hint

Cliff Hoskinson, founder and CEO of blockchain technology startup Input Output, which assumes the Cardano (ADA) contract, hinted that the POS Internet could become a new focus. Hoskinson shared a video of YouTuber doctor Vinay Prasad on his official tweet account about how ChatGPT has made a breakthrough in the medical world.

Although Hoskinson didn't say much, there is a widespread concept that artificial intelligence (AI), represented by conversation robots such as ChatGPT, will change every aspect of people's lives.

There are no boundaries for continuous innovation in the field of artificial intelligence, and it is reasonable if the elite team of Charles Hoskinson leading cadres and Cardano look for similarities at the level of strategic partnership with the software development team. In addition, Hoskinson will also promote or apply the research and development of Dapp, which can be supported by the expertise of ChatGPT, which is what we often call the Big language Model (LLMS).

Hoskinson is famous and influential in the world of login passwords and blockchain, and it may be key for him to diversify his influence and that of the Smano contract. With a talent for technological innovation to help people's lives, turning to medicine may be the next step.

Smano and the current artificial Intelligence message push

Cardano, a major blockchain system, is creating more and more decentralized application processes on the. Although ChatGPT and the technologies that underpin it are still relatively new, new Cardano-related projects, such as SingularityNET (AGIX), have long been trying to develop new solutions that provide real-world test cases.

Cardano as a technology in the beneficial influence, can contain any way of independent innovation as the support of ChatGPT technology. Although many of its main functions are still being designed, the protocol, its founders and the community focus on diversity, and with the new call for the integration of artificial intelligence, we are sure to see a lot of distinctive independent innovation in the near future.

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