XRP on Track for More Weekly Growth, Here's Why XRP Is No Longer Underdog

  • XRP
  • 23 May 23

The digital currency XRP will achieve more growth each week because it is now setting the pace of the growth trend. At the time of writing, XRP edged up 0.41% to $0.504. Although the weekly performance shows a decline of 2.27%, the digital currency is now withdrawing its troops.

If you look closely at the index values on the XRP chain, you can see why this kind of digital currency can not be marked with the dominant competitors' shortcomings. Because of the great uncertainty over the weekend, the trading volume of XRP has increased very much, indicating that the wider investor ecosystem in the community streets has accepted XRP, whether for a long time or in progress.

Although XRP is the most uncertain digital currency in the future, CoinMarketCap statistics show that XRP trading volume has soared 30.24% in the past 24 hours.

This data shows that under the relevant time frame, the two-person group of investors and investors bought the property smoothly. With the impressive main performance recorded by XRP over the past week, it is clear that the growth of coins is now more consistent.

Break down the fortress

At the time of writing, cost-effective data on the chain show that XRP has grown by 37.34% in the past month and more than 47% in the YTD phase so far this year. The success of this kind of digital currency so far is that although the Foreign Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is still suing it as a kind of securities.

If XRP wants to draw a long-term growth curve of sustainable development, it must break down the current restrictions and obstacles, and the only way to achieve this goal is through legal warfare.

Taking advantage of XRP's enhanced intelligent contract performance and other innovative integration with special attention is another way to break the conundrum of more limited use cases, which can also reposition XRP as a viable digital currency to alleviate real-world problems.

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