ADA Gains 6%, Crypto Capital Founder Says He's More Confident in Cardano Now

As domestic prices rise, Cardano's American depositary prices rise along with the prices of other digital currencies. At the time of writing, American depositary has risen nearly 6% in the past 24 hours to $0.407. In the past week, the volume has risen by 4%.

Taking full account of the market price of ADA, Crypto Capital Venture founder Dan Gan Ecklow shows that he is more confident in Cardano than the $3 ADA at the peak of the big bull market.

ADA prices rebounded to a high of $3.09 on Sept. 9. 2 technology leading Alonzo network upgrade, ushered in the role of intelligent signing. It is worth mentioning that ADA is down 86.84% from its record high at this stage, but even so, the Cardano ecosystem is still greatly improving.

A total of 122 priorities have been launched and 1221 are now under construction under the premise of Cardano. On the Internet, 64.2 million transactions have been completed. Now there are 8.09 million Cardano original tokens and 71386 coin insurance policies.

In addition, there are now 7597 Plutus scripts. Plutus refers to the intelligent contract service platform of Cardano blockchain technology, which allows you to write interactive applications with Cardano blockchain technology.

All this seems to have boosted Dan Gambedro's confidence in Cardano. This kind of self-confidence is not only reflected in the Cadano whales, they accumulate again at every particular opportunity.

It is reported that in the past two weeks, Cardano whales or large owners have accumulated 560 million ADA, worth $218.4 million, according to IntotheBlock.

On April 3, login password investment analyst Alibaba reported that since February, Cardano whales with 1 million to 10 million ADA have received nearly 150 million ADA, worth $57 million.

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